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  • GI605 Logistics and Operations Management for Decision Making
    This course introduces you to concepts and techniques related to the design, planning, control, and improvement of manufacturing and service operations. The course begins with a holistic view of operations, where we stress the coordination of product development, process management, and supply chain management. As the course progresses, we will investigate various aspects of each of these three tiers of operations in detail. We will cover topics in the areas of process analysis, materials management, production scheduling, quality improvement, and product design. The practical aspects will be emphasized through case studies, which relate the recent theoretical developments in real business environment. In this session, discussion issues include operations and competitiveness, operations strategy, quality management (concepts, tools & techniques), operation process analysis & design, facilities planning, supply chain management, lean operations, and sustainable operations strategy.
  • GI741 Seminar in Business for Entrepreneurs Doing Business in ASEAN
    Over the past two decades, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has been able to leverage its strengths and improve its competitiveness in the global market. With its abundant natural resource, skilled and inexpensive labor force, and a fast adoption of technology, ASEAN has attracted trade and investment from all over the world. This course aims to provide the clear view of the development of ASEAN members and to emphasize on the dynamic of the ASEAN businesses and investments.

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